Helping those affected by crises through our products, our people, and our partners

We work with local authorities and first responders to provide access to critical information and resources when people need them the most.

Our products

Our aim is to provide the most relevant, credible, actionable information during a crisis.

During a crisis, people need real-time information. Whether they’re experiencing an issue on the ground or trying to understand the situation from afar, we want our products to give people quick access to important information—such as what is going on and where it is happening—to help them stay safe and informed.

This is why we have created SOS Alerts—a new set of features in Google Search and Maps that activate during major natural, manmade, or humanitarian disasters.

SOS Alerts in Search

For people using Search to learn more about a crisis, SOS Alerts connects them with news, maps, and whenever available, updates from local authorities, emergency resources, donation opportunities, and more—all organized in one place for easy access and sharing.
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SOS Alerts in Maps

For people using Maps to find out more about a crisis, SOS Alerts provide live updates about what’s going on in the area, as well as direct access to emergency resources, such as hotline numbers.
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Public Alerts

Complementing SOS Alerts, our Public Alerts help local and public authorities communicate emergency messages specifically related to official weather, public safety, and earthquake alerts.

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Our people

In moments of crises, the right volunteers can make all the difference.

Rebuilding after a crisis takes teamwork. Nonprofits and first responders working on the ground are often in need of volunteers with specific skills to accomplish certain tasks. At Google, we have a deep pool of highly-skilled individuals who can help communities affected by crises. Our volunteering program matches these Googlers with communities and nonprofits in need of aid.

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Story spotlight

Providing refugees with connectivity and devices

Googlers volunteered with NetHope to install low-cost WiFi and charging stations along migration routes in the Balkan Region. The volunteers installed over 75 hotspots within refugee camps and transit centers, providing over 500,000 inhabits with critical access to the internet.

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Our partners

Our partnerships with organizations and government agencies that are on the front lines of relief efforts, including the Red Cross, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, and many other third-party content providers, enable emergency alerts, public safety information, and other timely material to be distributed through Google products—including Google Search and Google Maps.

Additionally, gives strategic packages of support to humanitarian organizations. These packages include funding and connections to the right volunteers to help nonprofits support and rebuild impacted communities.


Resources for Nonprofits

Helping you connect to a wider audience, increase support, and create impact on a global scale

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A new way to record and organize medical data in crisis situations

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