Connecting communities with information and resources in times of crisis

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Health information, helpful resources, and more

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The Global scope of crisis

132 million

People will need humanitarian assistance in 2019 1

2.6 billion

People have been affected by natural disasters in the last decade 2

1.5 billion

Views of lifesaving SOS Alert information

Every day at Google we aim to make the world’s information universally accessible and useful. In moments of crisis, this mission is even more critical to help keep people safe and out of harm’s way.

That’s why we partner with those on the front lines of crises and build technology that provides credible, actionable information and resources to help people and communities navigate crisis events.

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Critical information when it matters most

Through our products and in partnership with local authorities, we aim to connect people and communities in crisis with credible, actionable information.

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Supporting nonprofit on the frontlines of global crisis. supports nonprofits working alongside affected communities from the immediate aftermath of a crisis through long-tail recovery. This includes providing nonprofits with funding and connecting them to the right Google volunteers—whether they’re a data scientist, a communications expert, or an engineer.

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